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Visit St. Raphaël, a turquoise city at the bottom of the Esterel


A city in the French Riviera that we particularly enjoy as HSE Cabs are based here. Located 65km away for the Nice Côte D’Azur airport, between Cannes and Saint-Tropez, St. Raphaël is a Mediterranean coastal seaside resort that boasts unrivalled sights between its city centre and the sea shore, the Corniche d’Or and its touristic appeal. Shall we accompany you there?

Walking in the city centre of Saint Raphaël

When you arrive, discover the narrow and shadowy streets of the Old Town, formerly known as the ‘village neighbourhood’, the farmers’ quarter. Every day, take advantage of the flower and vegetable market, typical of the Provence region. You may wish to visit the Romanesque San Raféu church, a protected historical landmark and its presbytery which houses an archaeological museum. Its 22m high watchtower, built around the XIVth century, provides a splendid panoramic view.

The Marine Neighbourhood, previously a fishing port, slowly transformed into a seaside resort. A casino, as well as numerous villas and condos, were built in order to create a genuinely attractive city centre.

The rich historical heritage of the Saint Raphaël city centre

Welcomes you:

The Our Lady of Victory Basilica: Built by Pierre Aublé between 1882 and 1889, the basilica is a perfect representation of the Roman-Byzantine style that was very popular in the French 1800s.

The Museum of Prehistory and underwater archaeology: Filled with artefacts  of the local heritage, from the prehistorical era to the Roman antiquity, all discovered during underwater digs.

The Promenade des Bains: This boardwalk was constructed between 1880 and 1882 and was named “Terrasse des Bains”. It is often believed that its construction marked the beginning of the touristic era at Saint-Raphaël.

The Bonaparte Garden: It dominates the bay and the old port with its 20,000m² of garden. Its central area is decorated like a public square with a playground for children.

Let’s head together to the Corniche d’Or

A 40km long road in the French Riviera, we will make you discover the Corniche d’Or which will seduce you with its exceptional panoramic view, passing by the Estérel mountain range, shadowed by stone pines, we will follow the famous rocks and have a look at our beautiful Mediterranean sea. Did you know, the idyllic landscape of the Cornice d’Or was used a location for many films, including Atoll, The Sucker (Le Corniaud) or The Sicilian Clan (Le Clan des Siciliens) to name but a few.

The Corniche d’Or, or Corniche of Estérel, was inaugurated in 1903 under the growing popularity of Touring Clubs of France. This magnificent road bordered by Mediterranean turquoise water and the red rocks of the Estérel mountains link Saint Raphaël to Cannes.

What are the appealing features of the city of Saint Raphaël?

As you may have already guessed, the most appealing features of Saint Raphaël are the sea, the gentle climate, the sun, the breadth and wealth of its natural heritage and the wide range of activities available year long.

Activities and leisure: the Estérel golf courses and more…

If you like golfing, you will not feel out of place with over 60 courses spanning across 5 administrative departments in the Estérel. In St. Saphaël, play gold at the cap de l’Estérel (9 holes), enjoy the touristic features like restaurants and the various leisure infrastructure available like tennis courts, mountain biking paths, archery ranges and water features which will fulfil both young and old.

More information about St. Raphaël:


Discover the enchanting city of Saint-Raphaël on the French Riviera, nestled between Cannes and Saint-Tropez. Immerse yourself in the charming Old Town, stroll through the narrow streets, and explore historical landmarks like the Romanesque San Raféu church and the Museum of Prehistory. Enjoy the Marine Neighbourhood’s transformation from a fishing port to a vibrant seaside resort with a beautiful boardwalk. Experience the breathtaking Corniche d’Or, a scenic road offering panoramic views of the Estérel mountains and the sparkling Mediterranean sea. Saint-Raphaël boasts a delightful climate, natural beauty, and a wide range of activities, including golfing in the Estérel golf courses. Plan your unforgettable trip to this picturesque turquoise city!