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Between Land & Sea

Eze-sur-Mer: Maritime Gem in Authentic Tranquility

Among the destinations of the French Riviera, there’s one that combines tranquility with entertainment. Indeed, the small village of Eze-sur-Mer is relaxing due to its lesser crowds and panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea.

This preserved place is suitable for strolls on the pebble beach. To get there, you’ll need a reliable vehicle. We can offer you this service along with a knowledgeable and experienced driver.

Cap d'Antibes: A Paradisiacal Place

Besides towns and villages, the French Riviera also offers an idyllic peninsula. In this regard, Cap d’Antibes is a picturesque peninsula comprised of:

  • Hiking trails;
  • Beautiful beaches;
  • Spectacular landscapes.

In this place, you’ll have magnificent views, crucial for capturing stunning photographs.
Other tourist sites, like hidden coves, are also worth visiting. Additionally, you’ll discover the Garoupe lighthouse before relaxing in one of the countless bays in the area.

As you can imagine, the distances between these points are not negligible. For this, our VTC service is at your disposal. We enable you to visit all the tourist attractions.

To enhance your stay on the French Riviera, our VTC chauffeur service offers a guided tour to three other interesting French Riviera destinations. These include the Lérins Islands, the exotic garden, and Old Nice.


The Lérins Islands in Cannes

The picturesque town of Villefranche-sur-Mer is nestled in an exceptional bay on the French Riviera. Its stunning landscape is the primary reason you should go there. Additionally, it boasts a beautiful beach where you can take memorable walks.

During your stroll, you can wander along the colorful seafront. Once you’re done by the bay, you can explore the interior of the quaint town, which is quite old, by the way. With our VTC chauffeur service, you’ll have the opportunity to get there in a practical and comfortable vehicle.


Destinations Côte d’Azur

The Exotic Garden of Monaco

The city of Monaco isn’t only suitable for entertainment enthusiasts.

It’s also ideal for botanical enthusiasts. The Exotic Garden, located at the top of a cliff, provides everything you need to learn more about exotic species.

This place is a haven of tranquility with lush vegetation and breathtaking panoramas.

We are capable of taking you there, offering the best VTC service in the French Riviera.

This way, you’ll capture incredible photos of this astonishing greenery.

Old Nice

The charming town of Villefranche-sur-Mer rests in an exceptional bay on the French Riviera. Its stunning landscape is the primary reason why you should visit. Additionally, it boasts a beautiful beach where you can enjoy memorable walks.

During your leisurely stroll, you can wander along the colorful seafront. Once you’ve finished by the bay, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the interior of the picturesque town, which, by the way, is quite old.

With our VTC chauffeur service, you’ll have the convenience of reaching this destination in a practical and comfortable vehicle.

I would like to make a VTC reservation for my vacation on the French Riviera. How should I proceed?

For your VTC reservation, you can get in touch with the customer service of a chauffeur service via phone or email. Using a dedicated mobile application is also an option. As for our service, you can visit “” to make your reservation.

Are VTC drivers able to speak English?

Yes! The majority of drivers can communicate in English and many other foreign languages. This allows them to better communicate with foreign tourists. We make it a priority to select drivers who are proficient in multiple languages. When making your reservation, simply choose the desired language, and we take that into account. This way, we will assign a VTC driver who can easily communicate with you.

To prepare my vacation budget, I want to include my VTC expenses. In this regard, are the rates for this service fixed?

No! The rates for a VTC are variable. Their determination depends mainly on factors such as distance, the number of kilometers to be covered, and periods of high or low demand. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, you should inquire with your service provider before making your reservation. If you choose our VTC service, you can discuss the details of your route and the potential flexibility in the applicable fees.

Would it be possible for me to pay my VTC driver with a credit card?

Yes! Credit card is one of the payment methods for a VTC service. You can also use Stripe or Paypal to make the payment for your ride. Additionally, the vehicles are equipped with an onboard payment system. In this case, you can settle the payment using the available method. In case of any discussion with our customer service, we will send you a secure Stripe link to proceed with your payment.

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